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Types of Corn

types of corn

Different Corn Types

There are many different types of corn, but those commonly grown for food fall under one of these five categories:

  • Flour Corn
  • Because of its soft, starchy, yellow kernels it is one of the only corns that can be ground into a fine flour. The rest make a coarse sort of cornmeal.

  • Flint Corn
  • Sometimes called "Indian Corn", it comes in a wide range of colors. Because its kernels are covered in a hard shell, it preserves well as an ornament, however it is also edible when ground into cornmeal.

  • Dent Corn
  • This is a high yield, yellow or white corn, characterized by a dent in the top of each kernel. It is a popular American agricultural crop used for animal feed, industry, and some human foods, as well.

  • Sweet Corn
  • This corn can be yellow or white and is often eaten fresh like a vegetable. On the cob or canned, sweet corn's high sugar content makes it very palatable. This is the kind of corn that is commonly grown in home gardens. There are many
    types of sweet corn, here are a few of the more popular ones:
  • Silver Queen (white corn)
  • Golden Bantam (yellow corn)
  • Early Sunglow (yellow)
  • Pop Corn
  • Its kernels can be yellow or white and have a soft, starchy center covered by a hard shell. When heated, the center expands until it explodes from its shell, making what we call popcorn.

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    Types of Corn

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