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Discovering and Cooking Whole Grains
From Around the World

We welcome you as a culinary tourist to move through this site exploring and discovering recipes with whole grains from different cultures around the world.

Learn about the nutrition, taste, and how to cook traditional and exotic healthy food recipes for cooking Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, and more.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of whole grains are well known but how to incorporate these healthy whole foods into our diet is not. Most of us only know how to use Wheat, Oat, or Brown Rice. This limits our options to only a handful of healthy grain dishes we regularly eat. Increase your options by exploring dishes based on other grains. This will not only help you get your FDA suggested 3-5 servings of whole grain a day, but it will also help you reap the specific health benefits of the different types you eat (i.e. building muscle, lowering cholesterol, or increasing energy, etc). To find out which one's satisfy your specific health needs visit our nutrition charts.

The Past is Our Future

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This site is dedicated to reintroducing people to the whole grains their ancestors knew and loved. The strength of ancient armies and peoples were often attributed to the variety of grain they ate. The gladiators of ancient Rome, infamous for their strength and ferocity, were known as Hordearii or "Eaters of Barley". They like the Greeks before them, attributed strength and athleticism to the Barley they ate.

Egyptian wheat (believed to be Kamut) was cultivated on the flood plains of the Nile River. Its large, protein-rich, wheat berries (grains) have been called Egypt's "Golden Power". This healthy food source was the key to the Egyptian army's strength and ability to wage war. Being the bread-basket of the ancient world enabled Egypt to build the great pyramids and conquer and maintain their vast empire.

Healthy Food Choices

The right healthy foods will not only rev-up your life but put the breaks on your death. Conditions such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, diverticulitis, etc. are all attributed to a lack of whole grains in our diets due to our preference for refined white flour products. In fact, before 1890, when white flour was invented, these illnesses were relatively uncommon.

Increasing your intake of whole natural grains is one of the best ways to rapidly improve your health without any major effort. It only requires resolve. A resolve to feed your body natural foods so your body can better perform its natural functions.

And don't worry - we will show you how to make whole grain healthy food that isn't just great for your body but tastes great too!

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