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How to Grow Corn
Planting and Growing Sweet Corn

Learn how to grow corn. We'll show you the process of planting and growing sweet corn through all the growth stages and proper corn plant care.

If you follow these easy instructions, you'll be picking and eating your own fresh corn on the cob in 2-3 months. Then head back here and we will show you all of the wonderful ways to eat it!

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How to Grow Sweet Corn
Planting Instructions

  • When planting sweet corn, or any variety, plant after last frost in early spring or summer depending on whether your corn is an early or late variety.

  • Corn needs room to grow, so plant rows at least 3 feet apart and be sure to plant several rows. This insures cooperative pollination and wind protection. 4 rows, 3 feet apart, and 5 feet long would be an ideal garden size.

  • Plant corn in full sun.

  • Plant seeds 1/2"-1" below the soil and immediately water, deeply. Water again in 2 days. The alternating wet and dry method helps the seeds to germinate.

  • Plant 2-3 seeds per plant. When they are 4-5 inches tall, thin to 1 one plant. Transplanted corn rarely survives, but if you are careful when you thin you may be able to save a few plants.

  • Corn Plant Care
    How to Care for Your Growing Corn

  • Standard fertilizer every 3 weeks will help to promote green growth and big ears of corn.

  • Corn plants have a long tap root. So water them every other day, and especially deep 2 times a week.

  • Defend against deer and birds (i.e. scarecrow, fence, etc.), they love to eat both young and mature corn.

  • At the End of Corn's Growth Stage

  • The corn is ripe when the silk has turned brown and dried up. Another way to test corn's ripeness is to peel back the tip of the husk and pop a kernel. If it is watery - give it time; if it's creamy - it's ripe and ready to go!

    Here are a few places online where you can find sweet corn seed. If you plan on growing a sweet variety, Silver Queen (white), Golden Bantam (yellow), and Early Sunglow (yellow) are very popular. So if you are not sure what kind to plant, you might consider one of those:

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    How To Grow Corn

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