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Health Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

health benefits of flaxseed oil
The health benefits of flaxseed oil have to do with its high levels of omega 3 and lignans which promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, and reduce skin acne to name a few.

On this page you will find information and links to help you explore the many uses, benefits, and nutrition of this type of oil.

Health Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

  • Reduces Acne

  • Flax oil taken internally (not topically) can restore a healthy balance of oils in the skin, reduce acne, and improve skin clarity.

  • Reduces Symptoms of Eczema

  • When taken internally, it can reduce swelling, and relieve the itchy, dry skin, and flaking associated with Eczema.

  • Relieves Psoriasis

  • When taken orally, flax seed oil can reduce the dry, flakey, irritated skin associated with Psoriasis. Applied topically, it can soothe the skin by sealing in moisture and reducing inflammation.

  • Burns

  • Apply topically to burns as an emollient to seal in moisture, reduce swelling, and promote healing. Do not apply it to open wounds (See side-effects).

  • Promotes Regularity

  • It has a mild laxative effect which can relieve constipation. However, flaxseed oil is not rich in fiber like whole or ground flaxseed which would be the optimum choice for weight loss and lowering cholesterol because the seeds are high in soluble fiber.

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • It is rich in omega-3-fatty-acids which help to reduce inflammation associated joint pain and arthritis. In fact, the January 1996 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition mentions a study that showed people who took flax daily were able to reduce their inflammation response by almost 30%.

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Flax seed is a good source of lignans and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which studies have shown to promote a strong immune system.

  • Promotes Brain Health

  • Flax helps the body to produce DHA (docosahexaenoic) which promotes brain health and function. It has a positive effect on mood, fighting tiredness, and depression.

    Ways to Use Flax Oil

    With the exception of fiber, flax oil offers all the healthy compounds and nutrients people get from eating flax seeds. However, because it is an oil, it is easy to use and has more applications.

    Do not cook with it. This type of oil burns easily which breaksdown the essential fatty-acids it contains and can actually make them harmful.

    Instead, add it after cooking or just before seving like you would olive oil. It has a mild, nutty flavor perfect for dressings, dips, etc.

    Flaxseed Oil Supplements
    For a health and diet regimen, supplements are the easiest way to take flax seed oil regularly.

    Can be used as an emollient, similar to Vitamin E or Aloe, to soothe and moisturize dry, irritated skin. However, do not apply to open wounds
    (See side-effects)

    health benefits of flaxseed oil

  • Fights Cancer

  • Flax seed contains high levels of lignans (phytoestrogens) which have shown promise in the fight against cancer, particularly breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

    Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese
    Cancer Cure

    We had a visitor contact as and ask a question related to using the health benefits of flaxseed oil in a "cancer cure". We thought all our visitors would benefit from this question and our answer:

    I have a question on Dr. Budwig's Blend. Am I able to replace Flax Seed Oil with ground flax seed and receive the same health benefits; or, must I use Flax Seed Oil? Also, is it necessary to use organic cottage cheese, or can regular cottage cheese be used to receive the same benefits?
    Dr. Johanna Budwig's Blend
    Put in your blender
    1 cup organic cottage cheese
    2-5 Tbsp. of flaxseed oil
    1-3 Tbsp. of freshly ground up flaxseed (electric coffee grinder ($15) works fine)
    A little Cayenne pepper (red hot chilly pepper)
    We do not recommend replacing flaxseed oil with ground flax because too much ground flaxseed (proper daily dosage is 3 tablespoons) can cause adverse reactions, see our page on the side effects of flaxseed. Regarding organic versus non-organic cottage cheese, organic is recommended for optimum health benefits. However, if organic cottage cheese is hard to find or too expensive in your area then you do have other options, see here.

    Side-Effects of Flax Seed Oil

    Health Benefits of Flax

    Where to Buy Flaxseed Oil

    Health Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

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