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Where to Buy Wheat
Buy Wheat Grass and Related Whole Wheat Products?

buy wheat If you're looking to buy Wheat, the information below will help you explore your local options for purchasing this whole grain as well as a few online sites with reasonable shipping.

You should expect to pay less than $1 per pound for organic, whole wheat berries (or wheat grain). Whole Wheat will last for several years, if stored properly.

Where to Buy Wheat LOCALLY?

The easiest way to buy whole wheat grain, flour, and wheat grass is at your local health food store. To find health food stores near you, use this online health food store directory.

Don't overlook your local grocery stores, particularly larger chains like Safeway, Winco, and Fred Meyer, etc., they sometimes stock whole grains in their health food aisle. Their prices are usually more reasonable, and they will also special order items (in bulk) for you, free of shipping.

If you're looking for a wheat flour that works well with baked goods, we recommend white wheat flour because it to performs like white flour creating light and fluffy baked goods but it is healthier for you.

Where to Buy Wheat ONLINE?

There are many online resources for purchasing this product at a reasonable price. However, shipping costs should be considered in the price. Here is a listing of sites that offer whole wheat grain, flour, wheat grass, and related items in both smaller quantities and bulk, with reasonable or free shipping:

  • Amazon

  • To make your search easier, click on our Amazon link, we have already organized all of the wheat products for you. Amazon has a variety of prepackaged organic and non-organic whole grains, grain products, and related items. Their shipping prices are reasonable and on some items, free.

  • True Foods Market

  • True Foods Market is a good resource for smaller and bulk quantities for several types of whole wheat products like flour, pasta, pancake mixes, breads, muffin mixes, and much more.

  • DrVita

  • DrVita has high quality wheat grass, cookies, lotions, oil, and supplements.

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    Where to Buy Wheat?




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