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Brown Rice Flour

brown rice flour
Tips for baking with brown rice flour including recipes for cookies, pancakes, breads, muffins, and more.

This type of flour can be bought at your local health food store, online, or made at home. To make your own flour simply grind uncooked brown rice in a coffee or wheat grinder until it is a fine powder.

Once you have your flour you can try one of our featured recipes or better yet, adapt a recipe of your own. But before you do, there are certain things you should know:

  • Brown Rice flour is not very allergenic and is easy to digest. Most people tolerate it well.

  • Flour made from brown rice is not very tasteful. So compensate for this with the more flavorful elements of a recipe.

  • This type of flour contains bran and can spoil. So keep it refrigerated.

  • Baking with flour from brown rice can cause your baked goods to come out a bit gritty. So try to find this type of flour in its extra fine ground form. To make your search easier, we have listed links (right side-bar) of a few online resources where you can buy this type of flour at reasonable prices in small or bulk quantities.

  • This type of flour is not glutenous. So it will not rise in yeast breads. If used with other glutenous flours, like wheat flour, it can only be used as 30% of the baking mix. Any more than this and your bread won't rise or even worse, you'll bake a brick. However, it is suitable for cookies, pancakes, flatbreads, muffins, pasta, etc.

  • If you want to make a gluten-free recipe with this type of flour that will rise then you need to mix a combination of flours together to make a gluten flour substitute. Then mix that substitute with the brown rice flour in a 50/50 ratio. Here is a recipe for a gluten free multi-blend flour that can be used for regular flour in all your cookies, pancakes, muffins, breads, and more.

  • Brown Rice Flour
    Baking Mix

    2 1/4 cup brown rice flour
    1/4 cup potato starch flour
    2/3 cup tapioca starch flour
    3/4 cup sweet rice flour
    1/3 cup corn starch
    2 teaspoons xanthum or guar gum

    Brown Rice Flour Recipes

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